The venue is set, the flowers are ordered, you’ve even nailed down your hair, and makeup looks. The last thing you need is a wedding airbrush tan mishap, such as tanning formula smeared on your dream wedding dress and distracting you from the wonder of your wedding day.

Wearing white is a feat on its own, without the worry of a bronze stain or two. That’s why we penned this post to help you achieve your wedding day glow without the faux pas.

Choose your tanning salon wisely

Choose a salon that uses a variety of shades and not the same shade for everyone. When doing your research ask in advance which spray-tan formula they use most often.

Pick the perfect time to get your spray tan

Schedule your tan appointment two days before your wedding. That gives you a day for the product to settle into your skin and time to wash off the first layer to avoid staining your dress. Also, you will have time to make sure you like it and get any touch ups, if necessary.

Prepare for your appointment

Just like your makeup and hair trial, it’s a good idea to have pictures of your desired look. Flip through your favorite magazine for celebrities with similar skin tones, hair, and eye color. If you want to save on the five-buck splurge for the latest People magazine, go to Pinterest, the options are endless.

Select the perfect shade for you

Choose a base color that is close to your current skin tone. If you’re planning a summer wedding and you've been at the beach this whole time, you want to select a darker hue than you would during the winter. Although it may be tempting, we caution against don't go more than a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Your glow can look artificial, and you will want to look like the best version of yourself on your Big Day.

Avoid staining your wedding dress?

It’s so important to schedule your tanning appointment two days in advance. Once you shower and rinse off the extra formula — which is just bronzer, not the actual tan itself — you'll be left with just the color on your skin, avoiding any mishap with your wedding dress.